The End Of Complexity

I wish that life wrapped itself up in neat little packages, but it doesn’t do that. It’s a guess. It’s all a learning process to become better. It’s a cycle, it’s a wheel. It just keeps coming. And you can let it roll over you, or you can do what it takes to figure it out. That’s what personal development – self-improvement – is all about.

Don’t Miss The Moon

When you fly in a plane, and you are headed to a destination, there are many forces that are working against that plane, and they constantly pushing it off course. Gravity, wind, weather patterns, all of it could make that plane go off course. The entire time, the pilots are working to keep the craft on course, so they can land at the destination they are supposed to be at.
If the pilots acted the way I acted for over 30 years of my life, they would just say, well, we were supposed to go to Tampa, but here we are in New Orleans, enjoy your stay – we will be happy to try again some other time.

Boil It Down To Results

In order to reach new heights, in order to not be living the same day over and over again, there are certain things you need to be looking for, and certain things to reflect on. I could give you a huge list of all the things that you could reflect on, but if you boil every single one of those down to their essence, you’re going to find that the end game of reflection is results.

Count It Joy

I placed the responsibility of my position on everyone else but me, and when adversity came, there was always something or someone to blame. This went on for years. Sometimes I just let adversity roll all over me, sometimes I got lucky and was able to talk my way out of disaster without any real effort or sacrifice on my part.

Success Is Reserved For The Seekers

I can ask why, just as I was getting to the end of the process of starting an online keyboard course, and struggling already to make things work out – why did the pandemic hit and change everything? Why did my father die? Why did my wife suffer an injury that hurt her body, her self-esteem? Why did my sister have a heart attack? And why did all of this happen within one month, the same month that I was just about to get up and running?

Adversity – A Chance To Be Better

If we were like trees, always giving the maximum, always trying to grow the maximum, we wouldn’t need to work on ourselves. We would be busy already being everything we can be. But for whatever reason – because of the way our brains evolved or the way God made us, we have the dignity to choose our own destiny, and that includes the dignity to decide, if we will, to not grow, to not change, to not participate in nature and be all we can be.

The Base – Our Natural Pull Toward The Negative

In the War of Art, Steven Pressfield calls it the Resistance. I’ve heard it referred to as the the thief, the villain, the gremlin, one book on eating habits calls it “your inner pig.” Maybe some even call it Satan? The devil? I call it the base. And I tried to study it out of my existence for two years, before finding out that it doesn’t go away – and here’s why it doesn’t and won’t go away.