Be Part Of The Out-Crowd

Meet as many people as you can. Be a friend. Help them. Commit to the group – don’t be there to sell your stuff. Be there to be a valuable part of the group. This means that you need to join groups that meet your interests and your skills. If all you have to offer the group is your product, it is worthless because you will be seen as a desperate salesperson and you’ll be ignored or worse.

Adversity – A Chance To Be Better

If we were like trees, always giving the maximum, always trying to grow the maximum, we wouldn’t need to work on ourselves. We would be busy already being everything we can be. But for whatever reason – because of the way our brains evolved or the way God made us, we have the dignity to choose our own destiny, and that includes the dignity to decide, if we will, to not grow, to not change, to not participate in nature and be all we can be.