Talent Is Cheaper Than Table Salt

I wasted a lot of time in my life – truly 30 years – because I didn’t understand that I had the capacity to learn all that I needed to learn. I would decide that I wanted to be a graphic artist, for example, and I would begin to design things, and as soon as I ran up against something that I didn’t understand, I was defeated. And in my head, I think I was comparing my current ability to the abilities of people who were already successful in this area. So I would think, well I can understand how THAT person has the ability to do this, and be an expert. But I just can’t do it.

Two Words That Will Change Your Life – HOW and UNTIL

There are two phrases that I go back to that created epiphany moments inside me that were almost physical changes. Both came from Jim Rohn. The first was “Failure is a few small errors in judgement repeated every day, and success is a few small disciplines practiced every day.” That got me going, realizing that if I tweaked little tiny things in my day, this would completely change the course of my entire life.