Get The Thing Done

Here’s why most people don’t set goals: It’s hard. It takes a long time. It really could take ten or twenty hours over a week of your life, and a couple hours a week spending time looking over and revising them. It’s easy to sit down and start writing down what you want for a couple hours the first night. But you get to the point where it’s boring, or too complex, and you don’t exactly know what to do. And you have to do a lot of thinking.

You Cannot Push My Buttons (I Don’t Have Any)

Visualization is probably my top, #1 technique in terms of usability and versatility. I actually learned this long ago, and throughout my life it was exceptionally helpful. Since my real journey didn’t begin until a couple of years ago, I can reflect and see how many other places I could have used visualization to remix things in my life that would have gotten me better results.

Cycles of Complexity – How to Get Through Anything

I first heard the term Cycles of Complexity when I was taking a course from Kyle Dammann from the Growth Factor business accelerator. Generally, when you’re trying to put together an online business from scratch – you don’t understand everything all at once and many times you are halfway through doing one thing, and you realize that you have to get something else set up first – then halfway through that, you realize you have to set something else up. It can be frustrating, and Kyle called this a cycle of complexity.

How To Make Everything As Simple As Possible, But Not Simpler

Einstein said (in effect), “Everything must be made as simple as possible. But not simpler.” If you focus on the important things, then the important things will get done. Sometimes, you have to procrastinate on purpose. Brian Tracy speaks on this often – there are ALWAYS going to be things that you have to put aside to get the most important things done. And it’s your decision what gets done or not.